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BOOSTER Expert Insight Video Coaching Program For  Women Who Are Ready To Make A Greater Difference - Join Me Now!

Carefully designed expert booster video coaching program to enhance your Not Just A Logo experience.

Now you have the Transformational Brand System©, now let's make it even better!

You've seen the value in the Transformational Brand System© and now you want to know how to make it work even better!

All the things you loved about Not Just A Logo and then we take it to the NEXT LEVEL with PLUS+.

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Here's What You'll Get:
  • Make it better! Learn how to improve your benchmark Transformational Branding System© with Not Just A Logo PLUS+
  • PLUS+ is all the years of coaching some of the best designers in the world put into easy to use  VIDEO COACHING and carefully designed downloads to get you results.
  • Designed and built by a genuine expert in the field for marketing that is doable, affordable and sets you apart.
  • 5 modules, including a step by step review of each SIX NARRATIVE ELEMENT. 
  • Expert insights and BLOCKBUSTER TIPS to get you back on track and nailing your message.
  • Not Just A Logo PLUS+ bridges the marketing gap - avoid the endless marketing traps for affordable marketing and committed customers.
  • You will have your 6 part Transformational Brand System© for lifetime value. Get the performance enhancing PLUS+ coaching to nail your message for a lifetime.
  • A reliable communication system to drive your marketing, sales and automation platforms efficiently and cost effectively.
  • Watch the expert training and then use the worksheets, checklists and tips to transform your brand.
  • BONUS TRAINING on how to use your TBS© for effective LEAD MAGNETS and SALES FUNNELS.
  • Get 25 yrs+ designing brands and years educating the best in the world in these effective worksheets to help you action all that you are learning. 
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